PRIME LOGIC CT-3 28 50-60lbs Black New Other

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PRIME LOGIC CT-3 28 50-60lbs Black New Other

PRIME LOGIC CT-3 28 50-60lbs Black New Other
PRIME LOGIC CT-3 28 50-60lbs Black. Prime has developed a great lineup with the Logic series of bows given three distinct options in different axle-to-axle measurements. The Logic CT3 measures at a popular 33-inch frame with a 6 1/2-inch brace height. The Parallel Cam System tops out on the CT3 at 335 feet per second, which is not fast, but far from underperforming. The parallel cams are designed to eliminate cam lean, and the draw cycle is very manageable with let off adjustments from 70-90% based on shooter preference. Unfortunately, the cams are draw length specific, instead of having a rotating module like many feature in 2019. The 82X aluminum riser is extremely strong and sturdy overall and the 4.4-pounds out of the box weight is a more realistic measurement than many bare bow weights released for 2019. Original registered owners of Prime bows also receive free strings and cables every two years as long as they own the bow. The Prime dipping process is legit. It covers the riser extremely well, shows great camo detail, and has proven to stand the test of time and normal usage without issues. Prime also offers a huge variety of finishes through its custom shop, where shooters can mix and match any color or camo option for a fully personalized design. The graphics and name badging on the CT3 is simple yet sophisticated, and does the job without taking anything away from the look and feel of the bow. Prime does not cut any corners on finish options offering something for every single shooter on the market for a hunting bow with what may be the most diverse offering for 2019. Target colors from the Prime custom shop include purple haze, glacier, malbec satin, emerald satin, and deep red. The target colors are offered on the Prime risers, but not on the split limbs. Shooters will have to choose a different color for limbs if they decide to go with a target colored riser. From there, Prime has what they call Tac Ops colors, which are morel, tundra, ghost green, recon grey, and black. Camo patterns available include Optifade Subalpine, Realtree Edge, First Lite Fusion, First Lite Cipher, Optifade Elevated II, and Optifade Open Country. Any of the Tac Ops colors or the camo options can be mixed and matched with either being chosen for the limbs or riser. This custom shop option is awesome. Granted, most shops are only going to have a few popular offerings to look at first hand, but for shooters to be able to select any combination they want is pretty sweet and greatly appreciated. The Prime camp uses 82X aluminum, which is a step up from many other material choices on the market. The added strength and stability is a good choice for riser material because it is going to keep everything in tighter tolerances and less movement. Ideally, this leads to improved accuracy as well. Prime also did some research and development around what the riser does during the draw cycle and after the arrow is fired, and they came up with the “Swerve” on the top and bottom of the riser, near where the limb pockets connect. As the arrow is released, the riser torques a bit as it absorbs some energy not transferred directly to the arrow being shot. The Swerve design, unique to Prime bows, helps counter that and work together in order to create a better feel and more consistent performance. The bridged riser is a familiar design for 2019, and the Swerve concept is similar to that concept without adding more weight to the overall bow. Prime also advertises their bow weight a bit differently, by giving shooters the weight of the bow out of the box, instead of the bare bow weight. For some, that weight seems like it should be the same, but it is not. Those giving an advertised bare bow weight weigh the bow before adding dampeners, which is some cases adds a significant amount of weight making the bow much heavier than expected. Prime’s out of the box weight is complete transparency, and the 4.4-pounds is pretty light considering it is the bow weight right off the shelf. With the parallel cam system, there is no yoke to adjust for eliminating left and right tears. Instead, the riser integrates what Prime calls the Flexis AR cable roller guard system. The Flexis guard has a set screw you are able to move in and out to adjust the cable arm and how much it flexes towards the arrow as the bow is drawn. This adjustment gets rid of left or right tears during paper tuning, or helps with vane clearance issues for specific set ups with lower or higher profile vane configurations. The Flexis also has a roller guard for the cables to slide against to make a silky smooth draw cycle. In addition to that, it also features a dampener to keep the bow as silent as possible after the arrow is released. In combination with the rear mounted string stop system, this really helps dull the noise and vibration of the bow after firing the arrow. The Logic CT3 also maintains the Centergy technology introduced a while ago by Prime engineers, which keeps the balance point of the CT3 right at the handle. Prime claims this helps shooters get on target quicker, and stay there easier. Most shooters are going to add weight to their rigs, and having a balanced bow from the start is nice because it allows shooters to add weight for the feel they want instead of adding weight to balance the bow, then adding weight to give them the feel they want. The CT3 riser itself seems pretty minimal upon first glance, but there is a lot of thought behind the scenes to create a really awesome feeling bow. Prime also uses the Sherpa connection points for accessories like the quiver. There is a top and bottom connection point for this to be added, and it requires a more sturdy connection than many other connections for mounting a quiver. The grip of a bow can make or break how shooters feel about a new bow in the shop. Prime used the feedback from their target archers to create the new grip featured on the CT3, which is machined directly into the riser. There are side plates installed on the grip of the CT3, but aside from displaying the bow’s name, it does not really have a role in how the grip feels overall. Like so many other rigs, the grip has a flat back, which fits well in the hand for a repeatable placement shot after shot. Another noteworthy design on the grip is a flat spot on the shooter side of the grip to better position into the shooters hand. With all these features packed into the grip, it feels outstanding and is hard to place anywhere but where it should be in the hand. The CT3 limbs are dual limbs with a wide stance and a wide pocket. The split limbs perfectly manage the beefed up parallel limbs, and keep them in position without any accuracy robbing torquing as the bow is drawn. The limbs are also available in six maximum draw weight configuration which include: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80-pounds. Kudos to Prime for offering their flagship bow in a draw weight that meets the needs of every single shooter wanting a high end hunting bow. Prime has gone through great lengths to make sure their bow is appealable for anyone interested in a new hunting bow, and their commitment to customers is greatly appreciated. The pockets are beefy also in order to provide a secure connection point between the limbs and pockets and pockets and riser. Shooters will also like the rubber dampeners added to the split limbs for additional noise and vibration dampening. A staple of Prime technology has been their Parallel cam technology, and that remains an integral part of the Logic series and the CT3 model. Parallel cams are draw length specific cams, which means changing the draw length will require purchasing a new cam, and a bow press to swap out one draw length for another. This really makes changing draw lengths more difficult than many companies with a rotating module system. However, the cam is a bit lighter without needing a draw length module capable of the entire range. The draw length range available is 24.5-30-inches in half-inch increments, which makes the CT3 an option for almost every shooter on the market for a high end hunting bow. The limb stop on the cams are also adjustable to achieve 70-90% let-off by moving the limb stop in the channel to the desired location. The bow will come out of the box set at 85%, but giving shooters the ability to fine tune the holding weight they want and what type of valley they like is another amazing feature. Shooters will also notice the top cam is bigger than the bottom cam in order for the best lateral nock travel possible. The parallel cam system works a bit differently than other cams, which is visible in the way the cam is designed. Each cam has two tracks and two strings, which eventually turn into one. This allows no cam lean as the bow is drawn because each side of the center of the riser has equal pressure. When Prime first released this cam design, they compared it to carrying a heavy weight with one hand versus feeling more balanced with a weight in both hands. The elimination of cam lean gives a better nock travel, and better accuracy. Just lifting the CT3 off the rack is going to leave shooters with a smile on their face. The bow looks amazing, is perfectly balanced, and has an extremely comfortable grip. When drawing the bow back, the wide limbs and parallel cams make the bow feel very sturdy side to side as well. The bow draws smooth, holds great with the limb draw stops, which produce a rock solid back wall, and the holding weight and valley can be fine tuned to feel however a shooter wants it to feel. Prime claims the riser swerve and Centergy technology allows shooters to get on target quicker, and stay there longer than other models, and anyone giving the CT3 a shot will support that claim. This bow feels absolutely amazing from drawing to after the shot. The bow sits on target even after the shot, and the noise and vibration are non-existent even when shot without accessories. Some shooters may desire different specifications or speed ratings, but the experience of shooting the CT3 is as close to perfect as any bow can get. Shooters must experience this bow to truly appreciate how great it feels. The 2019 Prime Logic CT3 is an extension of the Logic series with a focus on being a dedicated hunting bow. The 33-inch axle-to-axle measurement is a great compromise being compact enough for most hunting situations or ground blinds, while still having a long enough riser to be stable on target at longer distances. The stability and hold on target will be great for shooters wanting to shoot local 3D events, and accuracy will not be an issue at all. For those wanting a dedicated tournament bow, Prime has two others in the Logic lineup for more serious consideration with the CT5 and the CT9. For those wanting a Prime hunting rig, the CT3 may be the best option. These two bows are extremely similar to each other being part of the same Logic name and design concepts. The G5 Prime Logic CT3 is a 33-inch model with the G5 Prime Logic CT5 being a 35-inch design. Ultimately, the decision will come down to personal preference of the shooter as it relates to axle-to-axle length. Both rigs will do well as hunting bows, but the CT5 may be better as a multi-purpose rig for shooters wanting the same bow for 3D, hunting, and target archery. It is hard to go wrong with either option though. At the end of the day, specifications and advertised numbers end up taking a backseat to the user experience a bow produces. Ultimately, shooters get excited about a new bow based on the released advertisements and new performance numbers, but they only leave the store with a new bow if the experience of shooting the bow is a great one. Prime has done an outstanding job creating a bow shooters will truly enjoy shooting. Prime has also done an outstanding job allowing shooters to customize everything about the bow to how it looks to how it feels during the draw cycle. They have also made a huge draw length range, and created a massive draw weight range with eight different configurations to choose from. Everything Prime has done with the CT3 has been in direct response to what shooters are demanding, and the results are an impressive shooting hunting bow. Nothing about the specifications are going to jump off the screen as being a bow shooters must have. However, the experience of shooting the 2019 Prime Logic CT3 is exactly what shooting a hunting bow should feel like. Those wanting to pick their next rig on superior feel and experience should give the CT3 a long hard look. The item “PRIME LOGIC CT-3 28 50-60lbs Black New Other” is in sale since Monday, January 25, 2021. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Archery\Bows\Compound”. The seller is “jayssportinggoods” and is located in Clare, Michigan. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Model: LOGIC CT-3
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Overall Length (in.): 33 ATA
  • Dexterity: Right Hand
  • Color: Black
  • MPN: 1022948
  • Archery Type: Bow Hunting
  • Brand: Prime
  • Draw Length (in.): 28″
  • Suitable For: Men
  • Draw Weight (lbs.): 50-60lbs

PRIME LOGIC CT-3 28 50-60lbs Black New Other



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