Hoyt Carbon REDWRX RX-3 Turbo RH 50-60 lbs 26-28 Blackout New

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Hoyt Carbon REDWRX RX-3 Turbo RH 50-60 lbs 26-28 Blackout New
Hoyt Carbon REDWRX RX-3 Turbo RH 50-60 lbs 26-28 Blackout New

Hoyt Carbon REDWRX RX-3 Turbo RH 50-60 lbs 26-28 Blackout New
Hoyt Carbon REDWRX RX-3 Turbo RH 50-60 lbs 26-28 Blackout. Included is Hoyt case and Hat. Review from Compound Bow Choice. For 2019, Hoyt chose to include the phrase “Good enough is never good enough, ” on their overview page of the brand new RX-3 lineup. That mentality can be seen throughout the entire REDWRX line-up. For some shooters, it is hard to imagine how Hoyt can continue to tweak and improve upon their carbon line up year after year. For 2019, the RX-3 Turbo gets a new feeling adjustable grip, a new riser with better balance and rigidity than before, new ZT Pro Turbo cams, and dampeners. The end result is the smoothest drawing, fastest shooting cam Hoyt has ever produced, along with being the quietest most dead in the hand bow they have ever produced. The Hoyt RX-3 Turbo takes everything shooters have come to love about carbon bows, and enhanced things shooters would benefit from. The 31-inch axel-to-axel measurement is a little shorter than the Turbo models of old, but most shooters choosing higher speeds are also shorter draw archers, so the string angle will not make a huge difference for them. Hoyt carbon bows have always been at the top of the charts for the MSRP tag, and unfortunately for customers the price has increased yet again. The bow is outstanding, but it is also a 70% increase in price when compared to other flagship models. With that being said, there are shooters who will never go back after shooting a carbon riser bow for the advantages it offers shooters. As a bow, the RX-3 is sweet, but for most the deciding factor on purchasing will have more with the price tag and not how the bow performs. Shooters can own a sweet shooting bow many others will also be shooting for 2019, and it can look significantly different depending on shooters personal style. Companies like Hoyt are offering more traditional camo patterns in addition to some newer patterns as well, which is a perfect mix of old school and new school shooter preferences. Hoyt also has their signature series bows highlighting some of their most popular celebrity hunting partners in 2019. For shooters wanting the standard Realtree offering, the newer Realtree Edge pattern will be a popular choice. Hoyt has outfitted their rigs in the latest Realtree patterns for a while now, and the new Edge looks nice and is sure to be a popular choice. For shooters wanting something a bit more trendy in the camo world, Hoyt offers Kuiu Verde 2.0, Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren, Gore Optifade Elevated II, and Gore Optifade Subalpine. Each of these patterns have matching aftermarket accessories, and are highly sought after patterns in the hunting world. For shooters wanting a solid look, the Hoyt Blackout is available in addition to the new Storm color. Of course, shooters can also opt for the Bone Collector and Keep Hammering special edition configurations if they choose to mix things up a bit as well. For those interested in the Turbo having more of a target bow look, Hoyt has colored limbs in blue, green, orange, red, white, and purple. The carbon risers have also looked a bit different than the aluminum models in terms of how the finish ends up looking. It is hard to find any flaws in the finish on the carbon risers on the 2019 models, but it is important to consider the lines look a little less crisp than they do on the aluminum risers. The carbon riser on the RX-3 Turbo is a full redesign, which gives some amazing benefits to shooters on top of the long list of advantages many have come to love about carbon. For starters, the riser is now a parallel tube design, which adds some girth and thickness to the overall stance of the riser where it connects to the limb pockets. Hoyt is advertising a carbon riser with over 50 unique pieces of carbon strategically placed where they need to be in order to create the best possible shooting platform. The bottom of the riser integrates the Hoyt shock pods, which dampen vibration after the arrow is released. This in combination with the limb dampeners and the Stealthshot string stop system make the RX-3 Turbo the most dead in the hand and silent carbon bow Hoyt has ever made. The cable containment system is a unique design as well. With the new cam system, the cables no longer need to travel at full draw, which means the roller guard is stationary instead of another moving part. This helps with keeping things more vibration free after the shot, and the elimination of moving parts in any engineered piece of equipment is typically a good design change. The overall advertised weight is 4-pounds, but after the dampeners are added, the bow tips the scales a bit heavier than that for a real world, out of the box weight. By all means, 4-pounds is still considered a lightweight model, it is just no longer noticeably lighter than similarly sized aluminum bows. For some shooters, that will not matter, but for others purchasing carbon for being easier to carry around, they may be forced to look elsewhere. The new grip on the 2019 Hoyt hunting bows may be one of the most anticipated changes for the new rigs. Hoyt grips have historically been a comfortable feel for most shooters. The old wooden grips had a nice shape and feel, and they felt comfortable in the shooters hand. The brand new grips are a composite material and have a new shape and feel. They are a bit slimmer than past model years, and have a feeling similar to the side plates did on the older models in terms of thickness. That means, shooters will be able to perfectly set up the rest for the best arrow flight, and move the grip in order to adjust for any imperfections in shooting through paper during tuning. Although some may argue shooters should adjust their form and grip for the best shooting mechanics, the ability to change where the grip is located is a really nice feature to have. The adjustable grip is not new in the compound archery world, but seeing it on a flagship Hoyt hunting bow is a bit different than what shooters had available in the past. Hoyt sticks with the wider stanced, split limbs for the RX-3 Turbo, and that is a good thing. These limbs function great, are held to the riser with a really well designed pocket system, and are tamed with a nice vibration dampener to keep things as quiet as possible. Shooters can choose from a few limb configurations including 30-40, 50-60, 55-65, and 60-70. The RX-3 Turbo loses one limb configuration the RX-3 and the Ultra have with the 70-80-pound offering, but the added speed with the shorter brace and more aggressive cam can get 70-pound limbs shooting speeds comparable to what the heavier limbs on the other models do. The limbs graphics are similar to the outgoing RX-1 model, but are not necessarily anything to write home about. Shooters interested in changing out the dampener colors can do so from the factory, or with a color kit from Hoyt after the fact. The new 2019 ZT Pro Turbo cams create the shooter experience for the RX-3 Turbo, and it is easy to fall in love with. On paper, this is the same as previous Turbo models, but the draw this year is smoother than ever before. The ZT Pro Turbo comes in two base cam models offering draw lengths from 26-28-inches on the shorter cam, and 28-30-inches on the longer cam with the ability to change in half-inch increments with a rotating module and draw stop. The ZT Pro Turbo cams are the smoothest drawing, fastest shooting cams Hoyt has ever produced. Although the specifications on paper and speed ratings are the same as in the past for Turbo models, the aggressiveness and effort for shooters to reach peak performance is less than before. Tha means, a better shooter experience, and it is noticeable on this Turbo model. The draw starts off stiff, but feels comfortable throughout the draw cycle, even when it reaches the let off and valley. Holding on target is relatively easy with the Turbo, given the shorter axel-to-axel measurement of only 31-inches. In the past, while holding on target, the Turbo cams have been a little jumpy in shooters relaxed at all at full draw. This has improved a bit with the new cams as well, giving shooters a little more wiggle room on the back end to relax without immediately regretting it with the string wanting to go forward. With that being said, it is best for shooters to pull consistently into the back wall to get the best results downrange. After the shot may be the most impressive feeling a Hoyt has ever produced. It is the quietest, most vibration free bow they have ever made, and it is pretty awesome. The bow weighs 4-pounds before the dampeners are added, which means a real world, out of the box weight is going to be heavier than that. For many shooters, this added weight is going to help with down range accuracy and a more solid hold on target. The bow does not feel heavy, and actually shoots like a longer bow because of how stable it feels. Overall, the Turbo delivers on being a bit faster than the other RX-3 models without being too aggressive on the draw cycle. For those wanting a more compact bow, faster shooting bow, this Turbo offering is hard to beat. The Hoyt RX-3 Turbo fits in the speed category for most shooters, and gives shooters a bit more performance when compared to other RX-3 offerings. This bow is designed to be a hunting rig, but for the right shooter it can be used as a 3D rig. The added speeds are great for shorter draw shooters wanting a boost in performance, and gives some the ability to shoot heavier arrows while still keeping the arrow at a reasonable speed. The shorter 31-inch axel-to-axel measurement makes the Turbo a compact option for all styles of hunting, but other Hoyt models will more than likely work better for serious target or 3D shooters. The RX-3 Turbo is a compact speed bow, with some of the best technology on the market today. Shooters will benefit from the carbon riser design in a lot of ways, and the new cams have an outstanding feeling. The Hoyt RX-3 Turbo has been tweaked for the better by getting a new riser design, new cams, an improved adjustable grip, and arguably the best shooting experience a Hoyt carbon has ever offered. All of this comes at a price though, both literally and figuratively. However, if shooters are interested in more speed, as the Turbo has to offer, Hoyt does not offer an aluminum series Turbo model, so carbon is the only option for shooters wanting that. The 31-inch axle-to-axle may be too compact for some shooters as well. Historically, shorter draw guys have been drawn to the Turbo models, so it makes sense to offer in a more compact design. However, the longer version of the Turbo measuring 33-inches arguably appealed to more shooters. The final major con has to do with the carbon riser. In the past, carbon bows were marketed for their superior overall weight to strength properties. This meant the carbon risers were lighter, and therefore easier to pack in the mountains. The new carbon Turbo is heavier than 4-pounds with all the dampeners installed, which is not any lighter than many aluminum riser bows. For other shooters, this could end up being a deal breaker. Overall, the RX-3 Turbo is arguably the best carbon Turbo bow Hoyt has ever made, and anyone able to afford this rig will be pleased with all the new designs and integrated technology it offers. The item “Hoyt Carbon REDWRX RX-3 Turbo RH 50-60 lbs 26-28 Blackout New” is in sale since Thursday, September 3, 2020. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Archery\Bows\Compound”. The seller is “jayssportinggoods” and is located in Clare, Michigan. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Model: RX-3
  • Overall Length (in.): 31in.
  • Dexterity: Right Hand
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Color: Blackout
  • MPN: 1531134
  • Brand: Hoyt
  • Draw Length (in.): 26-28
  • Draw Weight (lbs.): 50-60 lbs

Hoyt Carbon REDWRX RX-3 Turbo RH 50-60 lbs 26-28 Blackout New



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