G5 Prime Logic RH 29.5 70 lb Fusion New in Box

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G5 Prime Logic RH 29.5 70 lb Fusion New in Box
G5 Prime Logic RH 29.5 70 lb Fusion New in Box

G5 Prime Logic RH 29.5 70 lb Fusion New in Box
G5 Prime Logic RH 29.5 70 lb Fusion. Prime took everything shooters loved about the Centergy from 2017, added split limbs, and shrunk the axel-to-axel measurement down to make it more maneuverable for those wanting a strict hunting bow. Placing the grip in the center of the bow creates a feeling shooters are going to be very pleased with. The shorter 82X aluminum, riser with integrated swerve technology combined with beefed up split limbs and wide stance pockets makes the Logic one of the most stable platforms for shooters produced. For shooters interested in keeping their rigs for a while, it is difficult to beat a deal that good. Prime finish has always been really appealing. The riser does not offer many sharp edges, and the rounded shapes are usually easier for finish to stick to. Shooters can opt from the Optifade Elevated II, Ghost Green, Optifade Open Country, Realtree, Recon Gray, Optifade Subalpine, Tactical Tan, First Lite Cipher, Black, First Lite Fusion, Subapline with Ghost green combo, Elevated II and Recon Gray combo, Fusion and Black combo, and the Tactical Tan and Cipher combo. If shooters struggle to find a pattern, color, or combo in that lineup, it may be tough to find what they are looking for. More than likely, shops are not going to stock one of each pattern to see in person. This means shooters may have to visit a few shops, or rely on online photographs of the pattern they want in order to place an order. When looking at the riser, shooters are more than likely going to realize a bend in the top and bottom of the design. Prime calls this design the Swerve. Every bow designed has flex in the riser as the bow is drawn. The cables put a great deal of pressure on the limbs and ultimately the riser as the arrow comes to full draw. The shooter feels none of this twisting or torque, but it can impact how the arrow nocks travel during the draw cycle and even after the shot. With the swerve, Prime engineers were able to create symmetrical riser flex to impact the nock travel the least amount possible. In addition to the swerve design, shooters also have the strongest aluminum riser on the market created by using 82X aluminum to offer the greatest combination of strength and rigidity possible on the Logic system. The Logic’s bare bow weight comes in right at 4.3-pounds, which is pretty typical of 2018 aluminum riser bows. There was a time, not very long ago, when anything over 4-pounds was considered a heavy bow. However, shooters have come to appreciate the little added weight and its positive impact on downrange accuracy and less pin movement. Flexis AR System is a flexible cable containment system with an integrated roller guard. This system also has an adjustable screw allowing shooters to customize the angle of the cables as the bow is drawn. This can also help if a tear occurs at tuning to get the arrow horizontally centered up after the shot. Perhaps the most useful feature for adjusting the cable containment system is to account for different sized fletching’s and fine-tune the type of clearance necessary for every shooters specific set up. The Flexis system gives shooters the ability to more easily tune arrow flight to their specific set up and even if shooters do not tweak on their own equipment, the ability for a bow shop to make these adjustments is beneficial and greatly appreciated. The Logic grip is placed in the physical center of the bow, which is not always the case in the 2018 archery industry. This creates a feeling, which is very balanced in hand, feels good on target, and a bow that does not have to be fought with to aim. On many 2018 bows, the grip is located lower than the center point of the bow, which can create a top-heavy feel or the bow wanting to tilt a bit before or even after the shot. The Logic sits very well on target, and after the shot finds its way easily back to the target where the pin was being held. The Prime grip is a side-plated grip integrated directly into the riser design. It looks nice, and the Prime logo branded to the side-plates is a nice touch as well. The grip is comfy, fits easily in the proper shooting position, and feels really great overall. For shooters familiar with Prime archery, the limbs are going to draw some attention right off the bat. For the first time in Prime’s history, they are offering the Loci with split limb technology. In order to give the performance desired from the Logic, the limbs are pretty short, but they make up for that being fat as well. The cams are thick themselves, so the thicker limbs make sense in order to handle the cams. The shorter, fatter, wider limb stance is what Prime engineers felt necessary in order to create the stability they wanted when compared to the previous solid limb bows. To accommodate the fat limbs, the limb pocket needs to be larger as well, and it is. Prime even considered the axels, and how they hold the cams in place by creating a compression axel to keep everything as tightly pieced together as they can get it. The limbs are offered in a variety of draw weights to accommodate a large range of shooters interested in such a high-quality hunting bow. In total, there are six separate limb configurations to choose from with maximum draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80-pounds. It is always great when companies offer the 65 and 80-pound limb options. For many shooters, these are sweet spots and ideal peak weights. For companies like Prime to realize this, and produce limbs for these shooters, really speaks to how in tune they are with what shooters really want. The Parallel Cam System (PCS) from Prime gets the nod for supplying the 330 feet per second IBO rated Logic. The draw length specific cams are available in half-inch increments from 24.5-30-inches. Draw length specific cams make the system more efficient, but also harder to tweak between draw lengths, more expensive to change, and harder to resell if shooters want to get a new rig in a couple years. The PCS design is not entirely new for Prime, but there are some unique features worth spending some time on with this cam system. For starters, the cam system is a dual track cam, which helps spread the load of the cables. Think of it this way, while carrying a bucket of water, your body leans a bit to one side, or your opposite arm flings out to stabilize the weight a little more. If you take the same amount of water and use a bucket in each hand to carry the weight, your body does not need to compensate and stays more in its natural alignment. The PCS cam design is similar. The widened cam stance and dual tracks helps distribute weight more equally, and helps reduce the cam from leaning to one side as the draw weight increases. The cam system forces a string yoke splitter to make the single string split to both tracks on the cam. Cam lean is not unique to compound archery, but the way Prime addresses the issue is pretty unique to them although others are taking their own spin on this solution. Another thing worth noting on the PCS used for the Logic bow would be the cam size. The top and bottom cam are slightly different sizes based on the engineering of the bow. In order to allow the cables and string to maintain the smallest amount of nock travel possible, the cams must be slightly different sizes. The Logic is an outstanding bow for shooters comfortable with a shorter axel-to-axel design. The bow draws outstandingly easy, drops off into the let off with no felt humps, and holds on target as well as any other bow made. The compact 31-inch model is extremely maneuverable in hunting situations, and the 4.3-pound bare bow never feels too heavy in hand. Prime is advertising how precious windows of opportunity are in the hunting world, and the Logic’s shootability and ease of draw help shooters take advantage of these windows of opportunities. After the shot, there is an experienced ping sound, but nothing too loud or noticeable. The bow stays on target, even after the shot effortlessly, more than likely due to the balance caused from the grip placed in the center of the riser. There is nothing to dislike about the shooting experience the Prime Logic offers. If shooters are comfortable shooting a shorter axel-to-axel bow, there in nothing the Logic is lacking. It will make an outstanding hunting bow for 2018. The 2018 Prime Logic is built for hunters. The 31-inch axel to axel measurement is maneuverable in all types of hunting situations, the stable platform and eliminated nock travel increases accuracy for down range shots, the high let-off is super easy to hold against the solid back wall, and the performance and forgiveness is at a bit of a sweet spot. The shorter axel-to-axel measurement does not lend itself to a very target friendly bow relatively speaking, but the Logic will be outstanding timber. Anyone considering a hunting bow for 2018 should add the Logic to the list of bows to shoot. It is a great culmination of everything Prime has done in the past in creating the best hunting bow possible for them. Prime has continued creating amazingly accurate bows, with the Logic the next in that category for 2018. For straight up hunters, there is a ton to love and appreciate about the Logic’s integration of split limbs while maintaining the outstanding shootability caused from the well-designed cam system. Prime continues to build on what they do well, and the Logic is one of the best shooting hunting bows available in 2018. Just about every aspect of the Logic is customizable. Prime offers six different limb configurations, 5.5-inches of draw length adjustment, a forgiving 7-inch brace height, and 330 feet per second. On the con side of the chart, the cams are draw length specific, which is harder to resell or change if shooters draw length changes. The 330 feet per second is plenty fast, but the 2018 market has a ton of bows capable of that performance level, so there is a great deal of competition. For those interested in a hunting bow, the Logic should be a contender if shooters budgets allow. The item “G5 Prime Logic RH 29.5 70 lb Fusion New in Box” is in sale since Wednesday, November 25, 2020. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Archery\Bows\Compound”. The seller is “jayssportinggoods” and is located in Clare, Michigan. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Model: Logic
  • Overall Length (in.): 31in.
  • Dexterity: Right Hand
  • Material: 82x
  • MPN: 1014695
  • Archery Type: Bow Hunting
  • Brand: Prime
  • Draw Length (in.): 29.5″
  • Draw Weight (lbs.): 70lbs.

G5 Prime Logic RH 29.5 70 lb Fusion New in Box



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