Ek Archery Protex Compound Bow 40-55 Lbs

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Ek Archery Protex Compound Bow 40-55 Lbs

Ek Archery Protex Compound Bow 40-55 Lbs
EK Archery Protex Compound Bow – 40-55lbs. Follow the shop TO catch our best prices! EK ARCHERY PROTEX COMPOUND BOW – 40-55LBS. Adjustable draw weight of 40-55 lbs. Available in both left & right-handed versions. Speed of 230 FPS with a draw length of 27-29. Axle to Axle length of 40.5. Includes a simple sight for highly accurate shots. The EK Archery Protex Compound Bow is designed for the avid archer looking for a powerful and accurate bow for both target and field archery. The riser is crafted from a lightweight and strong alloy, providing mounting points for the sight and other accessories, making it extremely flexible. This bow is great for target shooting, capable of achieving speeds of up to 230 FPS. Though it requires slightly more effort to draw at a weight of 55 lbs, it’s made easier thanks to the cams. Measuring 40.5″ from axle to axle, the Protex can be drawn between 26″ to 29 to achieve maximum power. Alongside this bow, you also get a simple sight that’s very easy to use, allowing for highly accurate shots time after time. It comes with a screw-on arrow rest to reduce inconsistency in your shots, and the textured grip ensures a stable hold, preventing dropping of the bow even in rougher weather. The bow is adjustable from 40 lbs (26″) or 55 lbs (29″) for both left and right-handed shooters. The powerful and accurate design of this bow makes it one of the best on the market for its price range. Left & Right Handed. Axle to Axle Length.
Ek Archery Protex Compound Bow 40-55 Lbs



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