Bowtech Realm SS MO CountryRH 25-31 50-60lb New

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Bowtech Realm SS MO CountryRH 25-31 50-60lb New

Bowtech Realm SS MO CountryRH 25-31 50-60lb New
Bowtech Realm SS MO Country RH 25-31 50-60lb. Bowtech has expanded their Realm series for the 2019 model year offering the SR6 and the SS. The SS stands for “Super Smooth, ” and thanks to some changes to the cam system, many shooters will agree with how great this rig feels. Bowtech claims the Realm SS is the “smoothest drawing bow known to mankind, period, ” which is a bold statement considering all the outstanding bows on the market in 2019. The 32-inch axle-to-axle measurement is a sweet spot in the hunting world being maneuverable enough for most situations, and stable enough to not compromise long range accuracy. Although that is great for shooters, it also means there are a ton of rigs in this axle-to-axle range, so the SS is going to have some direct competition. The Bowtech Realm Super Smooth is offered in a decent variety of finish options to match the style each shooter prefers. For camo patterns shooters can go with Realtree Edge, Gore Elevated II, Gore Subalpine, Kryptek Altitude, and Mossy Oak Breakup Country. This lineup of camo finish options is a good mixture of trendy patterns and staples of the hunting community and have accessories and clothing to match for those wanting a coordinating finish in all their gear. Some shooters may not want a full on camo finish, and Bowtech offers the SS in four solid colors including: Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Smoke Grey, and Black. The Bowtech finishes looks really nice, and leave the rigs blemish free. The riser is well coated, and there is no reason to believe the finish will not last a long time looking like it did on the bow rack. The Realm name is not new to the Bowtech lineup, but the SS version is making its debut for 2019. The overall axle-to-axle measurement of the SS measures 32-inches, which is longer than the original Realm from last year. 32-inches is a popular dimension for hunting rigs, which gives the SS a lot of competition. In regards to technology integrated into the riser, the SS has a few noteworthy designs, but nothing brand new from Bowtech. The geometry of the new cams and Realm riser give the SS a brace height of 6-inches. Some shooters tend to be a bit skeptical of shorter brace height bows, but it does allow the SS to remain super smooth on the draw cycle while maintaining pretty decent arrow speed overall. The FLX cable containment system is a design used for several years from the Bowtech camp. This roller guard system is also flexible to provide extreme accuracy by not forcing undo stress and torque on the riser as the bow is drawn. After the arrow is released, the flexible cable moves back to its starting spot for clean flight. The guard gets a standard Bowtech dampener as well to silence and deaden the vibration it may cause as it settles back into position. The rollers housing the cables aid in making the draw cycle as smooth as possible, and with a bow called “Super Smooth, ” that is pretty important. Although not new to the lineup, the Orbit Vibration Dampeners also come from the factory installed on the SS riser. These dampening discs have a great deal of versatility and can be moved or stacked anywhere shooters want them. Aside from dampening, Bowtech also claims these discs have the ability to offset some weight added to the riser from accessories like the sight or stabilizer. The riser has a fair amount of mounting locations placed throughout the riser, and should allow a great deal of personalization in terms of how they are placed and where they are located on the riser. The 2019 Realm SS has the low profile Clutch grip installed from the factory, which is a flat backed rubber insert. The cool thing about the Clutch grip is that it is designed as a modular grip, meaning the factory grip can be removed and replaced with another Clutch grip with a slightly different feel. The grips are also available in four color options including black, red, green, and brown. However, it is nice to have a couple different options, both of which have a nice feel, but allow shooters to get the best fitting based on their hand and comfort. The Realm SS has three maximum draw weight configurations of 50, 60, and 70-pounds. The split limbs of the SS are a staple from Bowtech for a while now, and longevity seems to be improved when compared to Bowtech rigs from several years ago. The decals and graphics on the limbs are pretty tame to Bowtech standards with simple block lettering for the bow name showing. Overall, the SS should have a draw weight for any shooter wanting a new bow from Bowtech, and they should feel confident in the craftsmanship of the split limbs to last like they should. Although the draw weight options are a bit limited, the CP Dual Lock Pockets are designed in such a way that performance is equally acceptable no matter where the draw weight fits in the limb adjustment. Whether shooters are at the maximum draw weight of the limbs, or the safest minimum draw weight, the performance will be the best possible. To make sure this is true, Bowtech engineers added separate set screws to securely hold the limbs to the pocket, and the pockets to the riser. These added connection points make it so the limbs, and everything they touch are in place with the tightest tolerances possible for the whole draw cycle. Perhaps one of the first things shooters are going to notice about the SS is the new cam system. Bowtech has featured the Overdrive Binary Cam System for so long, it is a bit strange seeing anything different on a Bowtech bow. Although the geometry is a little more rounded than the popular Overdrive cam, it is still apparent the new cam is a Bowtech produced cam. In addition to the look of the cams, they also get perimeter weights added to each cam to increase speed while maintaining the smoothest draw cycle possible. Just about every shooter will be able to fit into the SS with a draw length range of 25-31-inches with half-inch adjustments available without the need for a bow press or extra modules. The rotating module is clearly marked, and easily swapped for different draw lengths. For a bow pledging smoothness, that speed is still very respectable when compared to other 2019 models. From a tuning perspective, the cams still have all the great features Bowtech is known for including the yoke tuning. So the cams look and feel a bit different, but features shooters have grown to love about Bowtech are still incorporated into the cams design. The cam also features the FlipDisc technology, which gives shooters two distinct feeling draw cycles with the same cam. The disc can be removed and flipped over for shooters to experience a comfort setting or a performance setting. The comfort setting primarily differs by having a longer valley towards the end of the draw cycle. The speeds are a bit slower on the comfort setting as well, but it is great for shooters to choose what makes the most sense for them to use. It is no secret with a bow named “SS” for super smooth, the engineers had one thing in mind when creating the shooter experience on this bow, and for many shooters that mission was accomplished. However, engineers did not end with a smooth draw cycle. They put the SS through the paces in order to create a smooth feeling after the arrow is released by keeping it as quiet and vibration free as possible. The draw force curve stacks weight really quickly at the beginning of the draw cycle, with the weight continuously decreasing even before hitting the let-off in the cycle. From there, the draw goes through a manageable valley and into a solid feeling back wall. While holding on target, everything feels balanced and fairly steady given the bare bow weight of 4.3-pounds. The feeling after the shot is similar to the smooth draw cycle, where the arrow just seems to zoom off towards the target without much residual noise or vibration after the shot breaks. Everything about the SS is a pleasant experience for the shooter. The draw cycle is sweet, the hold on target is steady, and the feeling after the arrow is fired is nice too. The valley can be changed for a more personalized feel based on the FlipDisc for an even better shooting experience based on individualized preference. Just like the rest of the Realm series, the primary purpose of the SS is hunting. Realm SR6[VS]bowtech-realm-ss, bowtech-realm-sr6Both of these 2019 models are released as an extension of the Realm series from 2018, and they are each created for a specific group of hunters. Both bows are designed with hunters in mind, sharing similar technologies and specifications. However, the SS was created for shooters valuing a minimal effort draw cycle. Shooters wanting the most performance will more than likely be drawn to the faster SR6. It is hard to find something wrong with either bow, but the shooters they are marketed to are often typically interested in the easiest drawing cam, or the most speed. For Bowtech to incorporate a bow for each of those shooters, with the FlipDisc technology to fine tune each preference even more is really awesome. Archers in 2019 should count their blessings because compound bows have never been so great. Each year, companies are fine tuning what was already a great shooting platform, and creating rigs made specifically for what shooters are demanding. The SS is a designed hunting bow with an ultra smooth draw cycle and arrow release. Generally, shooters interested in a smooth drawing bow are going to compromise some performance in order to get it, but with the Realm SS, they do not have to. Engineers paired the weighted Overdrive Binary Cam System with a 6-inch brace height, to produce IBO speeds up to 337 feet per second. The cams tune easily, and incorporate the same technology Bowtech has used for years. The camo patterns look great, and the Clutch grip allows shooters to customize for feel even color. Those with tired shoulders, or anyone interested in an absolutely smooth draw force curve owe it to themselves to give the 2019 Bowtech Realm SS a serious look. The item “Bowtech Realm SS MO CountryRH 25-31 50-60lb New” is in sale since Monday, February 1, 2021. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Archery\Bows\Compound”. The seller is “jayssportinggoods” and is located in Clare, Michigan. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Model: Bowtech Realm SS
  • Overall Length (in.): 32″
  • Dexterity: Right Hand
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Color: Mossy Oak Country
  • MPN: F04000
  • Archery Type: Bow Hunting
  • Brand: Bowtech
  • Draw Length (in.): 25in.-31in.
  • Suitable For: Men/Woman
  • Draw Weight (lbs.): 60lbs.

Bowtech Realm SS MO CountryRH 25-31 50-60lb New



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