BEAR ARCHERY PERCEPTION RH Realtree Edge 55-70LB 25.5-30 New

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BEAR ARCHERY PERCEPTION RH Realtree Edge 55-70LB 25.5-30 New

BEAR ARCHERY PERCEPTION RH Realtree Edge 55-70LB 25.5-30 New
BEAR ARCHERY PERCEPTION RH Realtree Edge 55-70LB 25.5″-30″. New Other: Is a brand new bow, will come with all paper work, may not come in original box. The archery world in 2019 has reached somewhat of a plateau. Bows are not getting much faster and innovation on a game changing level as experienced in the past is no longer the usual. Manufacturers have been using tried and true technology or the same cams for several model years, and minor tweaks and changes year to year have become the norm. However, the Bear Perception is breaking those stereotypes a bit for 2019. For a market full of very similar rigs, Bear broke the mold and put into production something that has not been done before. However, there will be some shooters excited to see something new to the hunting lineup for 2019, and welcome the innovation and boldness in Bear to create such a unique rig. For those not interested in paying the premium for innovation from a major company like Bear, there are other rigs to choose from. However, for those wanting to “Walk Among Legends, ” and give the new Perception a shot, they will be pleasantly surprised at how well done the 2019 Bear Perception really is. The Finish options for Bear have always been well done. However, it has always been a complaint of consumers that Bear does not have many choices to pick from. The 2019 Bear Perception is no different with Bear continuing to have limited choices, having only three options available from the factory. Those three options include Realtree Edge, Veil Alpine, and the solid Iron color. Again, no one knocks how well done the finish options are from the Bear camp, but it would be nice to see some more options on finishes available. The riser on the Perception is getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so. This is the first time Bear has added a shoot through riser to a hunting bow, which is a fairly unique idea throughout the rest of the archery industry as well. This design has caused some forums to be very polarized on whether or not this is a good idea for a hunting bow to include the target technology. Most of the negative talk is regarding how shooters load the arrow. Some shooters, especially in hunting situations, like to load the arrow from the side. Other shooters, who arguably have a target archery background, load the arrow from the rear no matter what. The shoot through riser design has benefits, which is why the design is popular on target bows. Less riser torque and a more balanced feel are two of the main draws, which both lead to better long range accuracy. Heck, this bow is not even that heavy for adding a whole section most rigs on the market do not have. At a 4.3-pound bare bow weight, the Perception is flirting with the idea of being called a lightweight bow, even with the shoot through riser. The cutouts are unique looking as well, and gives the bow a new look we have not seen before. The Roller Hinge Guard is not new for the Legend Series, but is still worth talking about. The hinge and roller work together to create a cable containment system, which is easy on cables and helps with their longevity by not stressing them much during the draw cycle. The cables are on a fairly natural path, with the hinge and rollers working together to make the draw feel smooth, while causing the least amount of torque on the riser during the draw cycle as possible. The rear mounted string stop system works as designed to keep the string from causing added vibration after the shot. Shooters also have the standard stabilizer bushing for adding additional weight where they feel it is needed most. It is important to be able to separate personal opinions when reading about other’s thoughts on the Perception. Functionally, the engineers did a great job with the riser design, and those wanting the innovation Bear added to this bow will be pleased with how well executed the design was carried out. Just because this design is new to hunting rigs, does not make it a good or bad design. Thankfully, manufacturers are producing a lot of high quality bows and allowing shooters to decide what works best for them. Along with a unique riser design, Bear is also offering a new grip for the Perception not seen anywhere else in their lineup. The grip is a wooden side plated grip, which is removable if shooters are interested in doing that. The grip is one of the most personal preference components of a hunting bow, but this one feels great, and should have the same great feeling for almost everyone. Kudos to the Bear engineers on creating such a nice feeling side plated grip on the Perception. Bear uses what they call Max Preload Quad Limbs, which have been an extremely durable system in the past. These split limbs stand up to the test of extreme hunting conditions, and will give shooters a great deal of confidence given how well built and durable they are. They are designed to spread out the stored energy within the entire system. Instead of keeping all the energy in one spot, the entire limbs is designed to handle a share of the overall draw weight never putting too much stress on any one part of the limb. The limbs are also available in two different configurations, which have 15-pound draw weight increments. The lighter draw weight option is 45-60-pounds, with the heavier option being 55-70-pounds. The added draw weight range over the industry 10-pound standard is a nice touch and allows shooters more flexibility in selecting a draw weight, or potentially changing it for different hunting seasons based on the animal being pursued. The limbs are also fitted with Shockwaves limb dampeners right from the factory as well. The pockets are well thought out as well. With the shoot through riser design, and the cage at the bottom of the riser, the connection point between the limbs and pocket and pocket and riser must be rock solid. Bear did a great job creating a multi-piece limb pocket system that holds everything solidly in place. The specific pocket system is unique to the Perception because the riser is so much different than the other Bear models. Keep in mind too, the 15-pound draw weight range also requires more limb positions a solid connection is needed for. Bear engineers deserve a lot of credit for making a unique pocket with such tight tolerances on the Perception. The cam system for the Bear Perception has a familiar feel for those shooting Bear in the past. The draw lengths are available from 25.5 – 30-inches in half-inch increments with a rotating module. Straight out of the box, the Perception comes with cable stops on the top and bottom cams to assist in the back wall. However, shooters interested in firming up the back wall even more have the option to add a limb stop to the top cam for a more customized feel on the back end. The Perception only has 75% let-off as an option, which is also fairly standard with Bear engineering. However, it would be nice for let-off options to be available, and maybe even a higher 80-90% option be available as well. For those not as familiar with Bear bows, the cams are well designed, have an almost perfect circle shape, and offer some yoke tuning for those who love having that ability to make adjustments during the setup process. The Bear Perception looks pretty heavy right out of the box with the shoot through riser design. In fact, by industry standards in 2019, the Bear Perception is pretty lightweight overall considering some flagship models are around the 5-pound mark before dampeners and accessories are added. The Perception is also very balanced in hand, and while holding on target thanks to the cage design below the grip. Shooters can choose between having a cable stop system or a limb stop system on the back wall. Just having the option to customize the back wall feel is outstanding, and both choices are executed well. Those wanting a little softer back wall, will more than likely go with the cable stops. Those wanting a more solid feel should like how the limb stop performs for them. After the shot, there is a little bit of vibration in the handle shooters will feel before accessories are added. After accessories are added, the bow is fairly tame and will be up to most shooter’s standards. In terms of shootability, there is some initial concern with the shoot through riser and loading arrows during hunting situations. For some shooters needing to change the way they load arrows on the rest, this may be a major concern. For other shooters loading the arrow how a shoot through riser requires, this is not going to be a problem at all. Overall, the Perception is a great shooting rig, and will make shooters deciding to go with the Perception happy. The Perception is an interesting bow because it has a target style riser with hunting rig specifications. As part of the Legend series, it is fair to say the Perception was designed to be a hunting bow. However for shooters wanting to use the same bow all year,, the Perception has some multi-use abilities. Those wanting a dedicated target rig may find better options available or 2019. For those wanting a hunting bow with some extra innovation from a big-name company, the Perception is worth a look. 2019 is a great time to be an archer. Every company is producing great shooting rigs, which allows shooters to choose a bow that fits their personal preferences. For bow companies, it has to be a bit frustrating as well, because everyone’s a critic, most of the time without ever shooting the bow themselves. Just a quick google search of the Bear Perception will show many polarized comments related to the price of the bow, and the shoot through riser design on a hunting rig. A deeper look will more than likely reveal the same people complaining about a lack of innovation in the archery industry and manufacturers producing similar rigs year after year without anything new. It is hard not to get sucked into those conversations. The Bear Perception is an awesome bow. Is it for everyone? Absolutely not, and thankfully we live in a time when every major bow company is making more than one flagship model to accommodate different shooters. Those wanting the most innovative bow from Bear will be thrilled the Perception exists. As a hunting bow, the Bear Perception checks a lot of boxes. It has a unique riser designed to minimize torque and flex, while still only weighing 4.3-pounds, is smoking fast at 350 feet per second, and has what many consider a perfect hunting bow length at 33-inches axle-to-axle. The Bear Perception is a great hunting bow, and should get a lot of love and respect for those willing to give it an honest try. The item “BEAR ARCHERY PERCEPTION RH Realtree Edge 55-70LB 25.5-30 New” is in sale since Thursday, October 28, 2021. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Archery\Bows\Compound”. The seller is “jayssportinggoods” and is located in Clare, Michigan. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Dexterity: Right Hand
  • Bow Type: Compound
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • MPN: A091318G5
  • Archery Type: Bow Hunting
  • Brand: Bear
  • Draw Length (in.): 25.5″-30″
  • Suitable For: Men
  • Draw Weight (lbs.): 70lbs.

BEAR ARCHERY PERCEPTION RH Realtree Edge 55-70LB 25.5-30 New



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